Meet The Team

Yudha Hari Radite

Managing Director

Being a science fiction fan make Yudha understands what it means to imagine and believe that anything is possible. It also trains him to hold his passion high, and you can see it through how he imparts his energy in AIDEA. Read more

Wahyu Kentjana

Marketing Director

Wahyu's career in advertising started when he joined JWT/Adforce as one of their interns. His path led him to become an Executive Creative Director at TBWA\ Indonesia in 2016. Read more

Hamam Firdaus

Head of Production

Hamam started his career as a PA in 2010 and gradually made his way to become First Assistant Director and Producer in the following years. The self-claim astronaut and alien joined AIDEA in 2014 as its Executive Producer/Producer. Read more

Annisa Fajardini

Finance Director

Annisa is AIDEA's "Girl with The Iron Purse". She joined AIDEA in 2011, right after she completed her university degree. She works to bring AIDEA to become a big and recognized production house, growing its creative works and becoming the source of happiness for its surroundings. Read more

TV Commercial
Our idea-driven and skilled team handles your television commercials project with authenticity. We have handled a variety of segments and sectors, and have worked in making sure each message is relevant to the audience.
Corporate Video
We create corporate videos for a wide range of sectors. In doing it, we present narratives that capture brand qualities and values using the voice none other than your own.
Digital Based Video & Content
Explore how you want to engage your online audiences and tell us about it. Our digital specific video and content production aims to support you in reaching, activating, and/or interacting with your followers.